Mail address:

28 Memorandumului Street, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Contact person:

Andrei Kelemen
[email protected]

Diana Campian
[email protected]

Otilia Crizbasan
[email protected]

Mobile No:


Cluj IT is a cluster based organization formed of active organizations in the information technology field: providers of software services and solutions, universities and research institutes, public bodies and other catalyst organizations.

Founded in October 2012, Cluj IT is an innovation based value chain network of Romanian IT companies and related organizations with the purpose of increasing the competitiveness and growth of IT services and products on international markets and of creating a strong sustainable public – private partnership in order to improve the life quality of the community we are part of.

For this, we intend to create an ecosystem suitable for the development and manufacture of innovative software services and products, with high value added, through: close collaboration between the cluster’s members, exchange of knowledge and ideas, public-private partnership and support of research – for the benefit of member organizations and with impact upon the society overall.

Cluj IT initiative was born as a catalyst to increase competitiveness of the IT sector in Romania and to respond to the challenges which the organizations in this sector face.

With a valuable tradition in the information technology and currently acknowledged as a significant IT center from Romania, Cluj was a favorable environment for the organic formation of the cluster.

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